C. Greenwood

Ship of Dragons

Ship of Dragons

Quest of the Nine Isles, Book 3
C. Greenwood (December 23, 2017)
ISBN-13: 9781981435258 ♦ ISBN-10: 1981435255

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In my dreams I see it all again. The Sheltering Stone failing. My people dying. The Ninth Isle being sucked down into the sea. Ever since the day I inadvertently doomed my home island it has fallen to me, the last of the dragonkind, to protect the legacy of my fierce race. With my bonded dragon, I recently set out on a desperate quest to find a magical mountain of legend—a hidden place that may not even exist. But my magic powers have since been weakened and my dragon has been stolen away by Gold Ship Voyagers. The only one who could have pointed the way to the mountain, a mysteriously gifted mapmaker, is now dead. My one hope is to rescue the mapmaker’s young apprentice, a boy with the powers to finish what his master began, from the clutches of the Gold Ship Voyagers.

More than cursed seas and bloodthirsty pirates stand in my way. The dark forces of an ancient and vengeful being are set against me. Will my companion, Basil, and I survive long enough to reclaim what is ours? Or will the battle that lies ahead be our last?