C. Greenwood


Thanks for checking out my corner of the web! If you’re a reader, I hope you’re enjoying my high fantasy series, Legends of Dimmingwood. I receive a wonderful amount of emails and feedback from those of you following the journeys of Ilan and her outlaw friends. Your enthusiasm is inspiring!

Here’s the rundown on me. I’ve been a writer since I was old enough to pick up a pen, setting my heart and focus on the fantasy genre more than a decade ago. I’ve written 9 fantasy novels (and counting) and have enjoyed participating in several multi-author collections. In addition to writing, I’m a retired graphic designer and a lover of books, animals, and my Kindle.

Current and upcoming projects:

After recently releasing the sixth and final book in my Legends of Dimmingwood series, I’m now hard at work on the third book of my new Catalysts of Chaos series, scheduled for release in October 2016. Following the Catalysts series, I’ll be returning to the world of Dimmingwood for a super secret project in early 2017. For sneak peeks at upcoming releases or to be notified when new books become available, join my newsletter.

Until next time, happy reading!
C. Greenwood