C. Greenwood

Sea of Dragons

Sea of Dragons

Quest of the Nine Isles, Book 2
C. Greenwood (September 24, 2017)
ISBN-13: 9781976540738 ♦ ISBN-10: 1976540739

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I lost everything when the Ninth Isle sank. My home, my family and the only life I ever knew. For generations my people, the dragonkind, proudly shared our island with dragons, defending the fierce beasts and soaring the skies alongside them. Now catastrophe has struck. Corthium lies beneath the sea, the mighty dragons are nearly extinct and, overnight, I have become the last of my race.

But a glimmer of hope remains. There is still a chance I can restore the legacy of the dragonkind and return dragons to the world again. My mission is a dangerous one. With the help of my newly bonded dragon and my unpredictable companion, Basil, I must outwit scheming pirates and brave stormy seas in search of a new Sheltering Stone. Haunted islands, an elusive maker of magical maps, and a ruthless fleet of Gold Ship Voyagers lie ahead. Worse, the cunning pirate, Captain Ulysses, is determined to cripple my magic powers and steal them for a dark purpose. With time running out and the forces of my enemies assembled against me, only one thing is sure. My epic quest has begun.